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Aura access media files on NAS

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    Have you got DS video installed on your nas as well? That’s where you set up libraries. I’ve got one set up for home movies as well

    | Mon 18 Dec 2023 20:59:04 #11 |
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    Hi, yes that is correct for how you login to DSVideo on your Aura,

    ip address 192.168.1.xx where xx is your Aura

    Then user name and password.

    As stated above, you also need DSVideo installed from the packages in the package centre on the Synology DS server.

    It works fine as is, but you can use mxplayer(as stated earlier), or VLC player as well I think. Like the previous poster I also have mxplayer set as an external player as without it you sometimes get a odd file which won't play.

    | Tue 19 Dec 2023 15:09:06 #12 |
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    Righto, I'll install DS-Video on my NAS. I'll probably wait till after Christmas as our granddaughter is over-dosing on TV!

    | Tue 19 Dec 2023 16:15:26 #13 |

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