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Aura - Is it worth purchasing?

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    it would be good as a dvr if it allowed network playback across different devices, and supported all the main streaming apps with full 4k and Dolby Atmos.

    I think i'm going to just stick with the HDHR units I have as gives me 8 tuners and allows channel sharing (if more than one user is watching the same channel, it only uses 1 tuner and not multiple) and is fully accessibly over wifi and ethernet.

    | Mon 3 Apr 2023 17:13:04 #11 |
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    After owning it since it came out i would say a no. It is almost good, but the bugs have never been fixed. Even now I have issues with playback for streaming services and the updates have dried up. I don't Netflix will ever happen especially as when speaking to support in the early days they asked me if i had a streaming service button on the remote, Aura does , it is prime video, the support person said nothing more about it, but the implied silence is that there is clearly some agreement to associate the box with amazon prime service and block netflix for the life of this box.
    The build is bad as well, it crashes often and even if the engineers are good in the background, there managers are clearly making very poor decisions. This box put me off Humax for life.

    | Sat 15 Apr 2023 13:07:13 #12 |
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    echo this ^^

    Reboots are becoming more and more frequent whether watching TV, or apps.
    Loses some of its chromecast features occasionally

    Time to move on.

    | Wed 26 Apr 2023 20:21:43 #13 |
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    Another issue with reboots is that if you are recording something at the time this fails usually also, my 2 boxes are just paperweights now no good for anything much else, certainly not fit for purpose.

    | Thu 27 Apr 2023 7:37:32 #14 |

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