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Aura with Talkback for blind users

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    Interested in whether there are any blind users of the Aura using Talkback. I know Talkback is available on the device as I've seen people mention it in passing but wonder how a blind person is getting on with the device day to day with Talkback enabled? We don't have many options for usable freeview recorders, the last one that had speech access was the TVOnix units and they were discontinued some time ago.

    Of special interest would be:
    - Can the device be set up by a person with no sight (is there a way to turn Talkback on using the remote during setup)?
    - How usable are the internal parts of the system like EPG, Freeview channel banners and recording selection?
    - Do third-party apps talk ok using Talkback?
    - How usable are the Humax apps on iOS and Android with Voiceover/Talkback for scheduling recording etc?


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