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BBC red player 'something went wrong'

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    Whenever I try and access the snooker on the red button, I get a spinning white circle in the middle of the screen for a while, before it then comes up with the 'something went wrong' dialogue box.

    Has anybody else seen this?

    I've reset my modem and router and unplugged the set top box and plugged it back in but no luck.

    Wed 1 May 2019 20:36:22 #1 |
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    Same here so presumably a BBC issue.

    Wed 1 May 2019 21:02:07 #2 |
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    Works fine for me on Mendip.

    Red Button programmes are transmitted and not web based.

    I think you need to ensure you have got all the red button channels - even those which always appear not to have any programme.

    Thu 2 May 2019 17:51:52 #3 |
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    JohnH77 - 1 hour ago  » 
    Works fine for me on Mendip.
    Red Button programmes are transmitted and not web based.

    Not all of them. If your device is Red Button+ enabled and can access the internet via your router the BBC sometimes has available other live event streams. As I type this the current snooker is available on LCN 601 and a streaming channel, with the streaming channel having a sharper picture with a bit more detail to it.

    Even before the BBC Red Button+ roll out some red button channels where available for streaming, e.g. 4Music's 3 additional offerings via channel 18 and the red button. (Not available on some older freeview boxes and I think still not available on youview boxes).

    For the BBC Red Button disconnecting it from the router and you'll get the old style red button with just the alternate LCN channels offered, which sounds more like your expectation.

    Thu 2 May 2019 19:34:35 #4 |

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