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Catchup Apps black screen

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    Hello everyone,

    My kids use the search function a lot to start their programs which then starts the required player (iPlayer, POP, etc)

    This usually works for 2-3 days until they get a black screen when starting to launch player. Search works fine but starting on demand player results in black screen.

    Only solution I found so far is to reboot system to make it work again, which is very annoying. I also tried to end all running apps with no success.

    Is anybody experiencing the same behaviour?

    Best regards.

    | Thu 18 Feb 2021 22:23:27 #1 |
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    I've had that twice with iPlayer, I don't use the other services so can't comment on those.

    | Fri 19 Feb 2021 2:26:26 #2 |
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    Yes I have the same problem. Click on the iplayer app then Aura gives a blank screen. A full reset is the only solution then it works for a few days before failing again. If I switch to iplayer on my LG tv it works fine.

    | Fri 19 Feb 2021 9:16:38 #3 |
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    I have had this happen it seems to be intermittent though.

    | Fri 19 Feb 2021 10:25:10 #4 |

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