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    Hi all,
    Been away working for a while, got back home only to find, my satbox won't record, rewind, pause or anything.. except play live TV.
    Have looked at various posts and it seems like it needs formatting, any idea how to do this or is it a "shop" job.

    Many thanks

    | Sun 29 Aug 2021 18:02:18 #1 |
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    Just an ordinary member who joined for advice on similar subject a got the advice below (And it worked, if it doesn't then I suggest you check your H/D

    Don't know which box you have, but when I had that problem on a 1010 the advice I got was to go into settings/ factory reset/ restore to factory state and make sure you tick the box for format hard drive, before starting the reset proceedure, the box was directly below the button for starting the reset.
    You do get the option of keeping your existing recordings

    | Mon 30 Aug 2021 8:04:26 #2 |
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    Formatting the hdd will delete all recordings.

    | Mon 30 Aug 2021 9:03:43 #3 |
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    In my opinion, it was clear initially, but these are extreme measures. Try different data recovery software, transfer them to another HDD and format this one.

    | Sun 31 Oct 2021 2:59:25 #4 |


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    Try these steps in sequence until one works.
    1. Place in standby then disconnect power for 10 mins. Restart.
    2. Reset to default. Repeat step 1. Do not format disk.
    3. Check settings for the hard disk post info. Together with which one of these models is it and what age is the unit.

    | Sun 31 Oct 2021 8:05:15 #5 |

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