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Guide timeline incorrect - Beta 27.05.21 issue?

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    I've noticed twice now that the guide has the wrong time on the bar along the top of the guide. I've never noticed this before, so assume it's a bug in the beta....?

    So here is the issue:!AnUOXq5L10nZjg19mvucGeMrjGTc?e=D99dWW

    It's actually Tuesday 1st June at 20:23 but the guide shows 2nd June at 7:00 AM. Scrolling back and forth made no difference.

    I tried closing and opening the guide several times, made no difference.

    If you scroll back to Catch Up on the gude, it has the correct date time!AnUOXq5L10nZjg_xf55nVhWkav7C?e=SwPeUB

    I fixed it by rebooting the device:!AnUOXq5L10nZjg5rdMPrOkbL2A63?e=OKEDwb

    I had the issue again just now (Thursday 3rd at 13:17):!AnUOXq5L10nZjhAVx6sOYi4oD0A7?e=caDI9U

    This time I left it on the guide for 20 minutes but it didnt update. 

    I went into Standby and waited a few minutes. Resumed > Same issue

    Corrected it by > Freeview button > Restart Apps > Date / time is correct in the guide.

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