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Help! How to transfer files from 5000T to laptop

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    Martin Liddle - 17 hours ago  » 

    ex-toppy - 16 mins ago  » 
    I have done the first part of the DNLA server, please could you tell me the subsequent steps for Windows 10.
    I will try both methods and report back.

    On a Windows 10 computer, start Windows Explorer, select This PC, scroll down to Network (NB don't click on Network) and you should see HUMAX FVP DMS which is the DMS server, right click on it and select Open.

    I used this method and it was fine. I was able to copy 30GB of SD video to my laptop's HDD in about 3 hours.

    In fact I didn't need to scroll down, as soon as I selected "This PC" in the left panel it was sitting there in the right hand panel under "Network Locations". Excellent, but maybe varies between machines - I don't know.

    | Thu 18 Mar 2021 17:34:54 #11 |
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    Success. I found the Humax directory under 'This PC' as you said and was able to copy all the mp3 files. Much faster than using usb and you can see what is happening.

    Thank you very much for all the help in getting this sorted.

    Incidentally, when I copied some of the radio recordings to a memory stick they were .ts files (so had the extra step to convert them to mp3). Very odd!

    | Thu 18 Mar 2021 23:28:56 #12 |

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