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    tried J.L - still vague regarding deliveries- supposedly today, but 1TB model still click and collect - same as curries/PC world.
    think I'll give it a break and try again next week.

    | Tue 3 Nov 2015 0:17:39 #101 |
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    JamesB - 3 months ago  » 

    Barry - 6 hours ago  » 

    JamesB - 1 day ago  » 
    Bizarre ad for Freeview Play at
    I haven't seen this ad in the wild.

    Here you go James, explanation from freeview on the 'bizarre' ad

    Thanks for the link, Barry.
    I still think it's bizarre. Trying to depict FTA TV, which has totally dominated the UK media scene for the past 20 years, as some kind of oppressed victim just doesn't do it for me. Not that I don't support FTA TV, especially PSB TV - I do, but I use pay services too, and I would bet that's the case for many others. So what are we - Nazi sympathizers?
    Freeview has lost its dominant position as a result of complex and perhaps inevitable economic, political, and technological changes. Trying to boil it all down to cheesy goose-stepping flat-screens is just a waste of an ad budget IMO.

    Freeview puts ad account up for review


    | Wed 3 Feb 2016 18:54:41 #102 |

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