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Humax Aura and Netflix

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    What options are there for watching Netflix on the Humax Aura?

    The device doesn't have an Netflix app and as I understand it may or may not in the future.

    I've tried to Cast from my mobile or table, and that doesn't show the Humax Aura as an option. Youtube on the phone works and I can cast from that, so I know the Chromecast functionality in the Aura is working. I've used Netflix with an Google Chromecast 1st generation and that works fine.

    I assume Netflix have worked out a way to block the Humax Aura completely?

    The only option I have got to work so far is using Google Chrome browser on laptop, loading Netflix and then doing a cast from Google Chrome and that worked.

    | Sat 14 Nov 2020 18:19:03 #1 |

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