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Humax Aura without internet - nag screen

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    Realised this is in the wrong section of the forum but no idea how to move. (Admin Edit: moved to correct area)

    Have been searching the forums but not found any info on this one.

    My elderly parents have just replaced an old Humax box with a Humax Aura, they have no internet. I got through the setup and all is working as they want without an internet connection, except for the TV guide, which puts up a nag box about connecting to the internet to accept the terms and conditions for using catch up and advanced EPG services every single time the guide is opened, requiring clicking OK every time to make it go away. They are not and will not, in fact cannot, use those services so do not need to agree to them. I could connect the box to the internet temporarily to accept the terms, but do not want to risk creating even more nag boxes about the internet going away for my parents to worry about.

    If anyone knows of a way to disable this nag box the information would be appreciated.

    | Sun 24 Mar 2024 15:46:56 #1 |
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    Its ironic to make my box work properly ie no drop outs or recordings jumping back to the start etc etc I did a factory reset and did not connect the internet. From then on everything works as it should with no problems.I use a firestick for apps and catchup services. I can live with pressing OK every time I switch to EPG and it asks me to connect to the internet.

    | Mon 25 Mar 2024 8:18:05 #2 |
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    From memory when mine loses the internet you get a small warning come up in top corner but it goes out by itself after a few seconds. You may get this everytime you turn on but better than what you have.

    So agreeing to the terms then disconnecting it might be a better option.

    And if it’s worse just do a factory reset and you are back to where you started.

    | Mon 25 Mar 2024 12:14:59 #3 |

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