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    Morning, i keep getting Stream Unavailable on one of my cameras (i have two setup). I imagine this could be down to many reasons but wondered if one of them could be poor wifi signal/bandwidth?
    On average the property this camera is in has a download speed of around 2Mbps.
    The second camera in a different room (and closer to the wifi router) seems ok though.

    Just looking for thoughts before i look at upgrading the broadband there to fibre etc


    Fri 14 Sep 2018 6:36:55 #71 |


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    Stream Unavailable is the response I got when my WiFi and internet connection dropped this morning.

    The app was unable to reach the camera - poor Wifi could well be the reason. Have your router issues an IP address to it?

    Fri 14 Sep 2018 7:58:57 #72 |

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