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Humax HDR1100S software update 3.00.98

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    I recently purchased a used Humax HDR1100S with the intention of using it now that Channel 4HD has returned to the platform. This I was very pleased with however the HD channel numbering remains scattered and illogical and there is no sign of Ch4's All4 catch-up service returning, which I had expected.
    I was surprised to find a software update for the 1100S labelled 3.00.98 which I cabn find no reference to anywhere. Does anyone know what's in the update?

    | Sat 1 Jan 2022 16:09:02 #1 |
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    To quote an existing post from this site:

    Barry - 6 mnths ago  » 
    Welcome to our Forum
    3.00.98 is the latest version that fixed the YouTube search issue.

    To read the full thread click on the chevron in the quote that is just to the right of "Barry - 6 mnths ago".

    | Sat 1 Jan 2022 20:04:07 #2 |


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    Channel 4 HD is channel 126.

    | Sun 2 Jan 2022 6:07:06 #3 |

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