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Humax products and recording after Aura

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    Since I last posted on this subject the landscape has changed significantly: Recorders are disappearing, and the move to streaming has taken a step forward with the announcement of Freely.
    It seems to me that Aura and Manhattan's T4-R may be the last recordable devices.

    I guess everyone wants us to go to streaming.

    Any thoughts?

    | Tue 9 Jan 2024 19:23:27 #11 |
  2. gomezz


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    As long as much live sport and films etc are not made available to stream on catch up there is a need to be able to record.

    | Tue 9 Jan 2024 20:30:59 #12 |
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    Who wants to sit through adverts when you stream programs, I know I don't, so I will be hanging on to my recorder for as long as possible.

    | Wed 10 Jan 2024 10:16:24 #13 |
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    I would prefer to keep the option of recording, i'd much prefer that than relaying on streaming.

    Also, because I had set everything I want, I know what's there when I go on the recording list, if I didn't set and record, I really think I would forget about a lot to watch or catch up on via streaming.

    | Wed 10 Jan 2024 18:12:15 #14 |
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    It wil be a very sad day indeed if we ever lose DVD/Blu-Ray or other recording media. The only way you'll be able to see your old favourites is if you can find a streaming service that still has your movies still available. There is a real danger that many old films could be lost forever.

    | Fri 12 Jan 2024 18:08:51 #15 |
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    I've been using Humax products since the 90's, freeview and satellite, beginning with a 9200 and 9300, then HDR-2000T and FVP-5000T. I just switched to the Aura for an anticipated move to a 4K TV later this year.

    Like earlier posts, I'm strongly in favour of recording rather than streaming because I too have become used to TV without advertisements (the funny programmes as my Father-in-Law used to say to my wife). I can't understand why some adverts are allowed to be broadcast, especially the ones for gambling.

    Too much commercialism on streaming sites, even if it does pay the way and probably too much data gathering for me.

    | Tue 23 Jan 2024 17:29:16 #16 |
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    I, too, have been using Humax for many years. Both Freesat and Freeview machines which usually, eventually, reach end-of-life. I bought a 5000-T and it was the first time I was disappointed with a Humax product. When Aura came out i could see all the problems reported and decided to not take that model. The 5000-T has failed a few times, and i've replaced the hard drive each time, until it evetually failed completely. I bought a second had 5000-T and, eventually, that one failed, too. I'm now on my third 5000-T which is showing signs of age.

    It's interesting that a number of you dislike ad breaks. I do find it irritating when in full flow of a show, but always plan my visit to the kettle or beer fridge at those times.

    What I find most frustrating is the shift to streaming and away from "linear TV."

    With a "guide" on Linear TV I can see what's coming up, and can set a show or series to record for later to watch at my leisure.
    With streaming i've never yet seen a way to know what's available. In other words, there's no "guide". I've found some review sites, but they are not very well categorised or easy to select.
    Search facility assumes you know what you're looking for, and life's too short to sit there scrolling and searching.
    If anything, it's going to make me watch less TV.

    I have a feeling that Freely, when it arrives, will not allow recording, so i'm hopeful it'll take into account the challenges of non-linear TV.

    In the meantime, i'm still waiting for Manhattan's T4-R as there appears to be nothing else coming.

    | Tue 23 Jan 2024 18:49:07 #17 |
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    Hi poshsimon,

    Very good points. I totally agree with you. I use a number of pvrs: Freesat, Freeview/Youview & I hope to continue using them into the future. If some users want streaming, that's their choice, but leave the choice open to other users. I too get extremely fed up when watching adverts. Only recently I forgot to record a programme on ITV & had to watch through the entire programme until the end & I only wanted to quickly see some of the programme. I had only missed the middle part onwards.

    I think to sum up, some users are very lazy in their attitude towards technology. No patience, as soon as they don't understand something, it doesn't work for them, look for the next "best thing" being invented. It's like streaming & hifi. Sound quality is not important anymore, its all about convenience and ease of use. My elderly mother is not very technical, but does have a lot of patience learning how to use her pvr. It's her daily routine. She loves her pvr! Long live the pvr.

    With regards streaming & recording, my only guess is that someone will eventually invent an online buffer/storage space facility working between your indoor tv "hub" & the server & yes, maybe charge you for storage space. John L

    | Tue 23 Jan 2024 19:16:57 #18 |
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    some users are very lazy in their attitude towards technology.

    I think if you'd said, some users are very lazy, i'd have agreed 100%. Instead, 95% agree, lol

    Somehow, I think licencing will stop the option of recording. With streaming it's online until the licence is up, and is removed from the catalogue.

    I'm glad I don't get too frustrated by ads, but do skip through when looking at a recording. It's not possible to do that with streaming, so it's cup-of-tea-time. YouTube is the worst for ads, and most often i'll just stop watching the programme. Mid roll ads are the worst as they appear when there is no natural break.

    A few weeks back we stayed away and the owner of the place seemed very happy that they'd installed a 70" "Smart TV". It had no Freeview, or Freesat, and you could only watch via apps. It was the worst experience. Why on earth do I want to sign in to an app on someone else's TV to watch BBC1, or any other channel! THere's the hassle of having to do that, and then there's the privacy aspect. Finally, you have t ensure you log out and remove your log in. Needless to say, we did none of that, and were glad to leave the hassle behind.

    My guess is that younger people don't care, and are less concerned about privacy.

    Once Freeview and Freesat go, I suspect we're doomed to a future of streaming.

    | Tue 23 Jan 2024 19:59:03 #19 |
  10. Norrette


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    Having experienced a broadband outage of about 7 days, streaming is not much cop. I recorded a PBS program a few weeks ago, not available on catch up nor future programming not even on DVD. 1940s here we come.

    I have stuff on my pvr about a year old, my to-watch-list. So no, I don't want to give it up. Ads are OK, they pay for the productions.

    | Fri 9 Feb 2024 20:23:49 #20 |

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