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Is it worth buying an FVP 5000T in 2021

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    We've had a couple of Humax's over the years and they were superb, but the FVP-500T that we have now, is a so so bad. Slow and clunky. Needs to be restarted often.

    My main bugbear is that the LiveTV app is so very very very very poor. I can not believe that a company brings out a product, advertises it as having an app and the app is TRIPE!

    Look at the reviews everywhere.

    This has put me off buying any Humax products in the future

    We use the FVP500T as least as possible, as it is just a very very very big annoyance

    Stay away

    | Fri 23 Jul 2021 9:51:19 #21 |

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