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Issue last night & when will next update be?

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    Just wondered if anyone has any idea of when the next update will be from Humax?

    I had a funny thing happen last night, was watching the England football and the box froze briefly for a second or two then the box does a full reboot.

    It was in the middle of recordings as well, i found afterwards that there were 2 recordings for the same programme, first one was just prior to it restarting and when i started it said it was interrupted due to loss of power. The 2nd recording was from after the box restarted onwards.

    I wonder why it lost power though?

    Anyway, i am hoping with each update these issues will become less and less.



    | Fri 3 Sep 2021 9:43:21 #1 |
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    I've got a ticket open with Humax support for the same thing, but we've not got passed "Have you tried a factory reset" yet.
    Might be worth contacting them as well so they know it's not just me!

    Also, this thread

    | Sat 4 Sep 2021 11:20:46 #2 |
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    That freezing behaviour is exactly what has happened to me a fair few times now, but only during use of iPlayer, All4 or YouTube. I'll be honest I've not done anything about it just yet as it is pretty sporadic but if it persists through the next update cycle I'll be logging a ticket with Humaxnafter following through on some suggestions here (e.g. Freeview reset)

    | Sun 5 Sep 2021 11:45:08 #3 |

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