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    Presumably this relates to the replacement of ITV hub with ITVx. Either they don't want viewers to be able to record programs and skip the adverts, or there is a compatibility issue with the 5000T.
    There will almost certainly be a way round the former (as there is for dealing with adverts on 'All 4'), but I won't spell it out here. We'll see when the time comes.

    | Wed 14 Sep 2022 17:56:26 #11 |
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    So, can Humax fix the ITVHub app, or will we just get no coverage.

    Suppose this is the problem with technology, relatively quick iterations of upgrades mean that older stuff stops working quite quickly… where your old VCR may have kept doing what it did on day one for 30 years, or more…

    | Wed 5 Oct 2022 3:55:49 #12 |

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