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ITVX Crashes

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    On ITVX, at the end of each episode in a series, instead of moving on to the next, it freezes and a few minutes later reboots.
    This happens on both of my boxes, but not on the Samsung TV
    Anyone else have this problem? or better still, a solution?

    | Sun 29 Jan 2023 18:51:29 #1 |
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    I haven't noticed it with the Aura yet, but like the ITV Hub before it, I have the same problem you have on a firestick, and on an android phone.

    I therefore would think it is not the Auras fault on this occasion.

    ITV Hub and ITVX just seem to be clunky and badly written Apps. I would guess they run out of memory and then it all goes wrong.

    | Mon 6 Feb 2023 23:06:31 #2 |
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    On my Roku device on ITVX, at the end of an episode I get a message saying the next episode will start in 'countdown' seconds but it goes back to the Roku home screen instead, probably linked to your Aura problem. On the BBC catchup the episodes just keep rolling through as you'd expect, I think there's a bit more work to do on ITVX.

    | Tue 7 Feb 2023 1:56:03 #3 |
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    My Aura is doing exactly the same after every episode on itvX and BBC iPlayer it freezes and reboots .

    I have done a factory reset etc .

    I have informed Humax 3 weeks ago and all I have had is they are investigating

    | Sat 18 Feb 2023 7:58:31 #4 |

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