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Loss of BBC 1 and 2 and BBC HD

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    Mike G - 1 hour ago  » 
    Hi All
    Thanks for all your info.
    It would appear that the concesus is I need a bigger dish.
    I am about 40miles south of Bordeaux does anybody know if an 80cm dish will be sufficient

    You may be OK with 80cms. I am in 24, about 120kms inland, pretty much same level as Bordeaux.

    Slight change here but still receive BBC1HD & BBC2HD, 80cm dish. Quality & Strength between 85% - 100%, 3 tuners (Foxsat HDR & Foxsat HD).

    Latitude 44.993, Longitude 0.945.

    For BBC HD, try BBC Wales HD or BBC Scotland HD, and BBC News HD. They are staying on Astra 2F, so if you could get them yesterday, you can still get them.

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