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Netflix & some players won't play content

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    Happy it's all sorted now. My 5000t updated automatically but the 4000t needed a manual update search from system information.

    | Thu 15 Sep 2022 16:58:15 #11 |
  2. Paul_D


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    I checked my FVP-4000T this afternoon and it was on version 1.03.53.

    I did the manual check for updates and I also had the worrying long period of a blank screen before it finally updated as follows:
    - Software Version UKTFAE 1.03.54
    - Loader Version UKTFAE 1.05
    - Software Build Date 25 May 2022

    The software build date is from four months ago so I'm wondering if Humax were already expecting some sort of change in the way that Netflix is streamed ?

    | Thu 15 Sep 2022 17:32:46 #12 |
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    My 5000T shows the Loader Version as 1.06, not that it probably matters.

    However, I agree that the software date is quite a while ago.

    It is pleasing to see that Humax are still taking an interest in updating the 4000T/5000T boxes.

    | Thu 15 Sep 2022 19:14:40 #13 |

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