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Recording can't be stopped or deleted!

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    On the 13th I recorded a scheduled recording of star Trek DS9.
    On watching it later it suddenly stopped after 41 minutes. I then realised that for some reason it had not recording the full hour, annoying but not a big issue.
    However I cannot delete it as it says it is STILL recording.
    I therefore do not have delete (red button) as an option
    I have the option to Stop, but pressing the button to stop does not work.
    Any ideas how I can remove it?
    There is no other kit attached, except the TV. It is attached directly to a normal aerial, and via WiFi to my broadband

    | Sat 15 May 2021 16:08:14 #1 |
  2. brian


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    Restart, or power cycle your aura, then you will be able to delete your recording.

    | Sat 15 May 2021 16:36:47 #2 |
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    Same thing happened to me with a recording of Newsnight on 13/5/21. A restart allowed the recording to be deleted.
    Could this be due to the app updates TvApp version 79 & TvInput 49 happening with a recording still in pro? Age and fatigue hinders my recollection but I think that my Aura updated that night when I put it into standby before going to bed with Newsnight still being recorded.

    | Sat 15 May 2021 17:45:55 #3 |

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