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Can I watch on another TV?

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    grahamlthompson - 3 days ago  » 
    Not sure if this fits the bill. If you are watching a recording on the main TV. And need to nip-out to say a Kitchen to make a G&T for the better half :D. You need to be watching a synchronised stream. Better half in lounge can skip any ads with the remote TV remaining in absolute synch.
    The balun pair with a network cable link works perfectly.

    Shout out and big thank you to grahamlthompson .Installed the HD baluns you recommended this afternoon and works perfectly.
    Used this cable from Amazon

    Think I have similar setup. 4K tv in lounge and 1080p 24” tv in kitchen. Wife and I are often in both rooms watching same programme on tv and needed perfect sync video and audio as the kitchen leads off lounge. Any delay in audio sounds awful.

    Already had hdmi cable in place which worked well with previous Humax Fox HDR2 but for some reason caused screen blackouts and audio drops with Aura.

    I still use HDMI cable from AVR in lounge for Apple TV 4K as it allows me to choose between 1080p if watching on both tv’s or 4K and Dolby Vision if just in lounge. For all other TV I’ll use the Balun to sync both rooms. Using a Logitech Harmony remote and a 4K HDMI switch box in kitchen so easy to flip between different activities.

    Been struggling with this for a month and relieved to finally get it all working.

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