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DLNA/UPNP issues

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    I've turned DLNA on on the Aura and can discover it on other devices using apps like VLC and Kodi but I've noticed some recordings report as being 00:01 long. I can play the whole program wch is recorded fully (about 30 min) but any attempt to FFD breaks playback.

    Other recordings report the correct length and work as expected. I can reproduce the same issue on the same recordings on VLC and Kodi which suggests it's a server issue on the Aura.

    Are issues with DLNA part of the known issues with the firmware? Is there way to directly see the contents of the Aura's disk so I can avoid using DLNA i.e. make the disk visible on my network?

    | Fri 4 Nov 2022 13:55:24 #1 |
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    Have you converted the files?

    | Fri 4 Nov 2022 17:35:17 #2 |

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