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Guide defaults to HD channels

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    jaeger - 52 minutes ago  » 
    Strangely my 5000 had started to default to HD even if I go through the
    procedure of selecting TV then an SD station, next day HD is the default.
    For some reason (maybe I did it) the timer power on was not only set to
    BBC 101 but HD selected, I've changing it to TV (choices are TV, radio, HD)

    Have a close look at Post 7 in this thread.
    I followed it very carefully a couple of months ago and it has been stable since then

    Thu 11 Apr 2019 18:55:27 #11 |
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    I've known about the Humax idiosyncrasy of selecting TV/HD from the guide and having to actually select a SD channel for it to become the default, but after having to do a factory reset HD became the default at timer power on no matter how often the procedure was carried out, this is when I discovered that you can select HD to become the default from timer power on which in my case it had ~ you can select SD or HD (or even radio) to be the default EPG regardless of what channel you select
    at timer P/On

    Thu 11 Apr 2019 19:17:28 #12 |

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