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Hard drive issues

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    grahamlthompson - 5 months ago  » 

    AngusA - 18 minutes ago  » 
    Just another datapoint on the hard drive issue. My HDR-1000s suddenly lost all recordings and ability to record/pause TV in mid October. That situation remained the same for around 4 weeks until suddenly last week, all recordings reappeared as did the record/pause capability. I noticed that for the entire period the box was faulty, the On Demand channels images disappeared even though on demand still worked okay. When the recordings reappeared, so did the On Demand images and I feel this is not coincidental. My gut feeling (as an electronic engineer) is that the issue I describe is firmware and not hardware related. Were it to be hardware, I cannot see why the box would recover nor why the On Demand images would re-appear at the same time as the recordings.

    This also happened on some units returned to Humax under warranty some time after they were sent back. I wouldn't expect it to stay fixed for very long.
    We already know that the earlier production boxes using the same firmware aren't prone to this issue.

    My mainboard is from 2012 it has the year stamped on it, recordings failed to be recognised, magically corrected itself again after about 4 months and failed again some 6 months later.

    Recent house move it has not been powered up for around 8 months, just tried it today, still no hard disk recognised.

    Will be trying the capacitor change and if that works will be selling it forthwith.

    If I ever return to 'Freesat' will utilise a cheaper, better and more reliable Enigma 2 based linux receiver instead.

    Fri 11 May 2018 20:26:51 #611 |
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    Many Thanks to all the contributors on here. My DTR1010 died a week ago. It had been poorly for while with the operation freezing occasionally. This needed a Power Off then on again to fix it. Eventually nothing would get it back working, just a series of short buzzes from the drive, so I tried some of the tips on this Forum to find the problem. I finally decided it was either the SATA driver or the actual Seagate HDD at fault. When I opened the HDD I found the Read/Write head 1/3 across the disk - not parked correctly! Armed with what seemed a good clue, I bought a cheap replacement from ebay for £10, thinking it must be worth a tenner to try it. Success! Re-installed everything and ran the Maintenance option, selected a Software reset and after a very long wait, everything works again as normal. My next problem is - do I try to recover the recordings from the original HDD. Buy another cheapie Seagate drive and swap the actual disk to a working drive - this could be a step too far for my 'clean study' environment, but I am tempted .........

    Mon 15 Oct 2018 16:22:20 #612 |
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    Martin Liddle

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    SteveZ - 1 hour ago  » 
    Buy another cheapie Seagate drive and swap the actual disk to a working drive

    I would say that unless you know exactly what you are doing then the chances of that working are very low.

    Mon 15 Oct 2018 17:51:13 #613 |
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    Hi Martin - yes I agree, but I have ordered a dual SATA docking station and another HDD to see if I can clone the old drive. If it will run it should work, failing that I'll give the disk swap a go - nothing to lose really and it is interesting work.

    Thu 18 Oct 2018 14:52:01 #614 |

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