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ITV Hub Failing to Open

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    Jasper589 - 17 mins ago  » 
    Anyone else having problems with YouTube on the FVP-5000T? The search alphabet keeps disappearing, sometimes just one line and other times the complete alphabet. It's fine on my Firestick so looks like we need another fix close on the heels of the last one when you could only get a ghost screen.

    Everyone, Did you not look at the locked at the thread at the top of your screen without opening another new thread the admins will close.

    Posting it in totally unrelated thread that has nothing to do with this, what were you thinking ? what is the thread title ? Does it mention Youtube ?

    ITV-Hub has nothing to do with Youtube.

    we could have dozens of new threads by now. All relating to the same issue.

    It would be chaotic.

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