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No audio after changing source

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    Hi to all, new member here.
    My HDR 2000T is connected to my 5 year old Sony Bravia TV via HDMI.
    When I change the input source to another device then back to the HDR, there is no sound. The only way to resolve this is to power off HDR using with remote, waiting a few seconds until there is a low clicking noise from HDR, then power up again. Worse still, if HDR is recording with TV off, when I switch TV on again, there is no sound. The only way to resolve this is to power off HDR at the socket which, interrupts the recording; a pain in the backside.
    I have tried utilising all 4 HDMI inputs on ITV, no change.
    I'm on software ver UKTFAC 1.01.16. UKTFAC 1.04.
    Appreciate any advice,

    Thu 20 Apr 2017 19:00:03 #1 |
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    This has been discussed a few times, with the first report from 2013 also being a Sony TV but others have also reported it with different brands of TV.

    Using an HDMI switch appears to be the commenest fix, although there was one report that using one of those was the issue.

    Another fix is not to use the sound that comes through the HDMI but to connect the sound via the RCA conectors. How feasible that is would depend on what your TV has or whether you have a seperate sound amp and how that can connect.

    Some have just used the SCART instead of HDMI until the HDMI connection can be reset with a power off when it is not recording.

    Thu 20 Apr 2017 22:17:38 #2 |

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