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remote responds less than 25% of the time

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    I am having the problem with the RM l08 that came with my second hand FVP000. sometimes even when the remote is pointed straight at the machine it takes several presses to carry out the command, all buttons are visible on my camera screen when pressed although sometimes I have to lean forward and stretch my hand out toward the TV before the command works .I may follow the lead of GrahamRHK and get a cheap remote (Logitechs price is in the super remote price range.)
    I am delighted with the FVP 4000 but I cannot understand them releasing it with such an unreliable remote.
    Two other annoying things about it irritate when you switch on it takes about ten seconds to start and unlike previous models there are no smart setting to make it quicker and all the time you wait the tiny light stays red and that tempts you to press the switch again which puts you back at the beginning as you are actually switching it off and the power light must be about the least visible LED ever made it shines below the unit and in daylight it is invisible


    Sun 21 Jun 2020 15:22:36 #11 |
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    See Disassemble remote control to fix intermittent keys - it was the top post when you posted. If the red power ON light on the remote control unit does not flash when you press a button then that button is not working.

    When you bring the box out of standby, if the box is not recording the red light goes to blue. If the box is recording it stays red. It takes several seconds for the file system to be built etc so the box response is slow for a few seconds.

    Sun 21 Jun 2020 17:55:15 #12 |

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