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Signal Quality Issues

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    SSThing - 5 hours ago  » 

    Asus1964 - 6 mins ago  » 
    It's been over a month now since Humax replaced my Aura box.
    My conclusion is that it's better, not perfect but better.
    I'm still experiencing some pixelation issues on channels like Yesterday along with the fluctuating quality levels. But overall it's watchable & better than the first box. Not really what I would expect from a high cost premium product though.
    Maybe it's time to try a new antenna as originally suggested by Humax, but with a signal strength of around 100% available before attenuation I'm not sure what that would achieve.

    Well you clearly haven't taken notice of the advice given (that is repeated in this forum many, many, many times).
    Signal strength of around 100% is the reason for a lot of users issues. Attenuation of the strength down whilst maintaining a quality of 100% is what you should be trying. And not just down to an arbitrary 85% strength (as some posters and Humax suggest). That level may still be too high, you need to tweak it to suit your individual setup.

    Well you clearly didn't read my post.
    I said that the signal is 100% before attenuation, meaning that the signal has 100% available before I reduce it with an attenuator.

    | Thu 4 Nov 2021 15:42:11 #11 |
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    Sorry, I was frustrated at the suggestion from Humax to try a different antenna and saw red so to speak. If your antenna is capable of collecting 100/100 they really shouldn't be directing customers towards pointless and often costly replacements, when the issue has been theirs for years (and they know it!). Same as they should not be telling people that 85% is the correct figure after attenuation.

    | Thu 4 Nov 2021 16:02:20 #12 |
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    Asus1964 - 53 mins ago  » 
    I'm in Stockport & using the transmitter on Winterhill in Lancashire.
    I can actually see the transmitter from the roof of my property.

    Thanks. I'm in the same situation, I can see the Oxford transmitter from my roof 14 miles away.

    | Thu 4 Nov 2021 16:13:06 #13 |

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