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Audio output via HDMI to TV is very low

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    Watching TV Only (No Humax) - I have confirmed that, with DOL set to "Less" I need TV speakers at 25 (max is 60). I mute the TV spkrs and the SB needs vol at 20 to get similar volume.

    Watching Humax - Watching the same program with TV spkrs set at 25, but muted by TV remote, I find I need to increase the SB vol to 25 and the Humax volume between 30 and 50 (the maximum). I find this practical because (a) I am able to adjust vol up/down using the Humax control whilst watching Humax, and (b) If I forget to turn down the SB volume before switching Humax off to watch TV then the extra '5' SB vol increase does not blow the roof off.

    Having found this solution I have now disabled the TV spkrs in the Settings and there is no difference so I am quite happy now.

    Thank you for all your help.

    | Tue 9 Mar 2021 12:28:45 #41 |
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    | Tue 9 Mar 2021 12:31:51 #42 |

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