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Aura Beta software dated 29.03.21 & 30.03.21

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    Just wondered if the default landing episode on playback has been corrected to land on the oldest multi episode recording, instead of the latest. This also happens when returning to a non fully played episode in a multi episode folder. It lands on the latest, instead of the partial played episode ready to resume.

    | Fri 2 Apr 2021 23:51:53 #41 |
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    Mars - 1 day ago  » 
    Regarding DLNA, I was watching a recording on my phone when it suddenly stopped at 11pm when my Aura is scheduled to go into deep standby. This would not happen if I was watching a recording (or live tv) on the Aura itself as it would wait for me putting it in (normal) standby before going into deep standby. I will try and check this again some time. I do not know if this is the intended behaviour.

    Changed in the next release which will be available in a few hours minutes, will close this and open new thread with release note when the time comes.

    Thanks to all that passed comments on this release.

    | Sat 3 Apr 2021 12:30:34 #42 |

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