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Aura out of stock at Humax and other stockists

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    My FVP-400T is packing up and I want to get a 2TB Aura to replace it. It has the familiar problem of not being able to find recordings.

    Unfortunately the Aura is out of stock everywhere I look for it.

    Is this a sign Humax is about to replace i with something new?

    If not, does anyone know when it is likely to be back in stock?

    | Sat 16 Sep 2023 19:20:44 #1 |
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    This recent article reported that the Aura was in short supply but quoted Humax as saying that “it should be more widely available again in approximately two weeks”. The article was published at the end of August.

    | Sun 17 Sep 2023 10:49:50 #2 |
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    Google turns up John Lewis as having stock (£279) but it could be that the others are waiting for a ship to arrive/be unloaded.

    | Sat 23 Sep 2023 14:06:45 #3 |
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    Ordered my Aura on 15 Sept 23 told stock due in 19 Sept 23 received 20 Sept 23 through £279

    | Sat 23 Sep 2023 18:17:05 #4 |

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