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Coronation Street - failed recordings

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    With the changes to TV schedules because of the ongoing coverage of all things Royal and News Specials
    programmes like Coronation Street and Emmerdale etc have been postponed and moved to alternative times and dates. If you have missed any episodes check your TV guide for the omnibus editions usually transmitted over the weekend on ITV3.

    | Fri 16 Sep 2022 4:38:03 #61 |
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    Thanks for comments on this matter and I understand the situation could arrive because of these circumstances. I wasn't sure that the broadcaster (ITV in this case) would remove the series flag as the option wasn't available when I set a manual recording. We'll know next week when things settle down. I'm following things by using ITV Hub but it's a real drag not being able to skip the 4 minute ad break.

    | Fri 16 Sep 2022 6:25:10 #62 |
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    I've been having similar problems with Pointless. Some nights it's on BBC One and then it might switch to BBC Two or be missing completely. Even having a separate series schedule set up for both eventualities doesn't always record every programme. I was caught out last week when GB News' "Breakfast with Stephen & Anne" unexpectedly became "The Queen Dies" and all following programmes had the same title, so a series link would create dozens of timers.

    Still, considering the circumstances, it's a tiny inconvenience in comparison.

    | Fri 16 Sep 2022 11:26:56 #63 |

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