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FTP / DNLA Server not working

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    Martin Liddle

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    MarkPainter - 48 mins ago  » 
    So....... It IS the Sky router causing all the issues.

    Glad you got it sorted. Please could you give more details of the Sky router so that we can identify the problem more quickly in the future?

    | Sat 23 Apr 2022 15:33:40 #51 |
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    Well done Mark, it sounds like you found the root of your problems.

    All you've got to do now is work backwards from there

    Good Luck.

    | Sat 23 Apr 2022 17:06:51 #52 |
  3. MarkPainter


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    The router model number is SR204, its for the ultrafast G fibre to cabinet connection. (I get 150Mgb speed on a FTTC connection.
    It has two sockets for an VOIP analogue telephone - English & Italian versions.

    At the moment I am trying to figure out how to connect an external router to it so I can bypass the Sky DHPC server so the only connection going into the Sky box comes from the external router.
    However, looking at the Sky forums this looks like a none starter.
    So... Seems I will have to move cables every time I want to access the Aura with FTP.
    As soon as I am out of contract with Sky I will be moving over to FTTP and hopefully that will sort out the issues.

    | Sat 23 Apr 2022 20:01:50 #53 |

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