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    I'm new to Humax - just four days - but having installed Kodi Matrix 19.3, I have successfully installed Netflix in there. It needed a bit of fiddling to set up and a bit of tweaking, but it now runs perfectly.

    Instructions here:

    Troubleshoot here:

    | Wed 22 Dec 2021 6:14:26 #31 |
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    I haven't tried it as I'm not bothered about Netflix, but has anyone tried extracting the Netflix APK from an Amazon Fire Stick and sideloading that? As the Amzon firesticks are Android based I did that with the Britbox APK and have a fully working Britbox app on my Aura.

    | Sat 25 Dec 2021 20:06:35 #32 |
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    I've had my Aura for 2 months now. Totally agree that as a Freeview PVR it's great. And that's why I bought it. For the wife because she wanted that feature which although available on our LG c1 TV the TVs Freeview recording is buggy as hell!

    But it's also fixed many other UX issues the LG had brought on itself. IMO unbelievably bad UI. And the remote for the LG is also about as bad as I can imagine. So the humax has fixed that issue too.

    Earned its money in my case.

    The fact is Android TV is a bonus but they do need to keep it up to date.

    | Mon 3 Jan 2022 12:45:02 #33 |

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