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Schedule Not Displaying Info for Series

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    Anyone got an update when this is liekly to be permanently rectified?

    I've had the same issue since around Dec21 (Pontop Pike Transmitter, County Durham). But for me it's not just BBC programs not picking up series link. I've had issues with ITV with Trigger Point and Channel 4 Hunted. Its so annoying as now I have a number of series where nowt has recorded since 6 Feb.

    Earlier tonight none of my 45 tv schedules were picking up the next recording schedule. However having followed what others have said on here, and watched normal SD channels for a couple of mins and set a series on BBC 1 sd, and the series link info has returned.

    | Mon 21 Feb 2022 22:04:56 #51 |
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    You are right Gavlar18 I agree it is all channels that are affected when the guide is obtained from an HD mux. But then the guide I believe it is for the mux not channel specific. I have had no update but for now my work round is working well. I have a daily 10 min reminder (a recording is no good on my HDR T2) on an SD channel I use channel 1, (this gets the guide and series links), followed by a 1 min reminder on 101 (this means when I switch on I am on an HD channel and don't wonder why the picture looks so poor!!!). I await a further update to my fault report.

    | Thu 24 Feb 2022 16:41:18 #52 |
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    anthony david

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    I'm pleased to say that this fault seems to have been fixed at last and my 5000T is now working normally. I would like to thank you all for raising this issue which had me perplexed for sometime. I haven't received any further emails from the BBC either. The EPG entries for BBC4 HD and BBC News HD seem to be more reliable now as well and I haven't had to go to either of those channels recently to make them populate which I often had to before on my 5000T but not my T-2 for some reason. I'm not sure if the fault has been fixed on the T-2 as it is not used much now but there is a high chance it is.

    | Sun 13 Mar 2022 16:37:53 #53 |
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    I wish I could say the same

    Despite setting my 4000t to C3 (ITV) for 10 minutes every morning, I have at least 5 current series that have either missed an episode or I have had to reset the series link but this then creates two listings for the series instead of completing the original set.

    | Sun 13 Mar 2022 16:46:20 #54 |
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    It is in this area of setting up recordings that my old Topfield TF5800 with MyStuff was so brilliant. I had no problems with a series changing its CRID because I had searches set up not using them and based on names and days of the week etc, it was so versatile.

    OK, they too had their drawbacks, the worst being that if there was a lift with CCI, and the signal quality dropped below maximum it could wipe the disk, but most of the time they were wonderful, for a DVB-T only machine.

    | Sun 13 Mar 2022 20:18:25 #55 |
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    anthony david

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    The fault seems to have cleared on my T-2 as well which is now working normally.

    | Sat 19 Mar 2022 15:45:33 #56 |

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