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    howarp - 3 mins ago »
    howarp - 11 mins ago »
    Sent to Humax support:-
    Can you please investigate this Humax Aura EPG fault. When setting serial recordings via the EPG it regularly does not flag with the letter R in the EPG all the series recordings during the week. There seems to be no logic to this fault it can be on any channel or any day and yet if I look on my Ipad in the Aura app all scheduled recordings are displayed correctly.
    Recordings generally do record but are NOT displayed in the EPG for all days on the Aura EPG.
    This is the only PVR that I've owned that displays this fault.
    Peter Howarth
    Can you confirm which transmitter you are using and any particular channel that has the issue. ?
    Winter Hill - I only record HD channels - BBC one HD, BBC two HD, ITV HD, CH4HD, CH5HD, BBC Four HD and BBC News HD.

    Thanks I was hoping you were using a relay. Having issues with Channel 5 in particular missing most of the required programme CRID from Lark Stoke.

    I can confirm I do get your issue but again generally only on Channel-5.

    The schedule view though does seem to show correctly what is going to record even when the R flag is missing.
    Yes I can confirm that both the schedule view and the Aura app does flag ALL recordings but the Aura EPG randomly does not display the letter R - can be any channel affected.

    | Mon 22 Feb 2021 13:28:07 #881 |
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    Admin - 4 mnths ago  » 

    Mars - 14 mins ago  » 
    The Humax Aura looks like a good replacement for my 5 year old Panasonic Freeview Play PVR and avoids the need for a Chromecast. I have a couple of questions:
    1. The FAQ says that the LED has can be set to 5 levels of brightness. Is one of these off? (I might get a Humax Aura for the bedroom, although more likely the Panasonic will be retired to the bedroom).
    2. The remote uses Bluetooth rather than IR so could the Humax be wall mounted vertically behind a TV (there are numerous mounts on Amazon that allow this to be done with the Sky Q)?
    3. If one has more than one Humax Aura then can recordings on one be played on the others?
    4. Will the forthcoming Humax H7 work with the Aura (as the H3 was supposed to do)?
    Any information would be appreciated.

    1. Can be off....FAQ has been amended to reflect 6 levels, off being one of them.
    2/3/4 Unknown, at this time but we will try and find out.

    How do you change the led brightness?

    | Wed 24 Feb 2021 21:59:24 #882 |
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    Freeview Play Preferences
    Scroll down to LED Brightness and press OK

    | Wed 24 Feb 2021 22:12:44 #883 |

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