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picture breaking up

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    Could anybody who has been having trouble with fluctuating signal quality (probably just a consistently low signal quality and picture breakup too) try something for me?
    Just lift the HDMI cable about 5 or 6 inches behind where it connects to the Aura, so that the cable is horizontal to the box for that distance. Let me know if your signal improves.
    Mine definitely does in a repeatable manner. From 0% to 100%.
    I am wondering if it's my HDMI cable at fault, or something to do with the Aura.

    It's more likely to be the quality of the coax cabling you have used to connect the aerial and possibly another unit you have used the rf passtthrough.
    Use double screened Webro WF100 satellite grade interconnects terminated with the correct size screw on f connectors. Use F to belling lee adaptors where needed.
    Is there another unit on a shelf above the aura. If so what is it ?
    HDMI cables do emit rf in the UHF band depending on the resolution they are carrying. Cheaper cables often work better than expensive cables in this respect. However you are doing the right thing make sure crossings are at 90 degrees. Do not run them side by side.
    My aura appears to be vulnerable to rf from a Humax G2 Freesat aunit on the shelf above. A kitchen foil screen taped to the bottom of a piece of black A4 card with the foil invisible under the black card so far appears to cured the problem

    What effect would slight damage to the ‘aerial in’ socket (like it had been mistreated a bit) have on the Aura signal quality?

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